Serving Teller County and the Front Range since 2001.

Tim Kulin Cabinetry builds custom cabinets for kitchens, baths, home theaters, bars, and every other room in your home where beautiful built-in cabinets are needed. Of special interest to most prospective buyers is the fact that TKC is an extremely affordable option. Our prices are generally similar to or even lower than your local home center or "Big Box" retailer.

At TKC, there is no such thing as a stock cabinet. Due to our manufacturing methods, we are able to build each cabinet to the exact size required. No longer are you tied to 3" size increments, unsightly filler strips, or compromised designs. We build precisely what works best and what looks best, and we do it with no penalty in cost.

Because we are local and our cabinets are built in-house and not in some far away factory, we are able to respond to last minute changes or problems in the field extremely quickly. Many times, problems or changes are accommodated in days, not weeks or months.


We are a small cabinet shop specializing in building custom cabinets at extremely competitive prices.

As a rule, we are similarly priced with or even lower priced than the big box stores. Our tag line is "A custom shop experience at a "Big Box" price", and it's quite true.

In addition to being very affordable, we build the cabinets right here in Colorado so we are not tied to stock sizes. If you need a cabinet that is 22 7/8" wide, that is no problem. Our quality is superb, and we generally give more value for the dollar than any other option besides building them yourself.

We have been serving Teller County and the entire front range of Colorado since 2001. Give us a call and see what we can do for you!


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